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21st December 2008

bobbylevi11:55pm: Knitting fun
I've been knitting for something like 55 years, and in that time have learned and used 2 or maybe 3 different cast-ons. So recently while reading a US pattern, I discovered there were another two... Yes, I know how did I live for all these years without that knowedge... So inspired by this new information, I went to google and found many more. I am in the process of learning and exploring some of them, I found one I like a lot and one that has some value, but didn't thrill me.

Which cast-on methods do you use?... and what are their advantages and disadvantages?

I encourage you to google and find some new ones... I'm having a lot of fun with them already... just looks weird sitting in front of the computer knitting... :)
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8th September 2008

mrscronkright11:53am: Question: Xyron Sticker Machines

Has any one here ever used any of the Xyron sticker machines? I’m thinking about purchasing one for scrapbooking and gifts, and was wondering what the finished product looks like. I did read up on them at Joann.com, but it doesn’t give a lot of information about it.

A few things I was wondering…

+ Do the stickers come out with a peel-able backing, so that you can store them, or package them up as a gift? I don’t really want a final product that comes out with the sticky side exposed, so that I am forced to use it right then.

+ Do you just feed in a piece of paper with your design on it, and then it applies the adhesive to the back? Can you use any kind of paper, vellum, or cardstock? I have some really nice laid paper that would be really unique as a sticky tag, but didn’t know if you could put adhesive on it.

Thanks in advance!

3rd April 2008

toadflax2348:14am: This community is very quiet. Where is everybody? Has everyone stopped being crafty?
Lace picturesCollapse )
What's everyone doing?
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21st August 2007

wildwoodflwr2:13pm: hellloooo crafters
I've been busy doing a few things here and there. I have oodles of pictures so I'll stick them behind a cut. Enjoy!

my name is haley. and i have an addictionCollapse )
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3rd August 2007

bobbylevi12:18am: I have a question
Does anyone know what non-woven interfacing (vilene etc) is made of?

30th July 2007

wildwoodflwr11:30am: crafters unite!

no real reason for the title, just needed something catchy ;)  I've been away at a few weddings and we're having a friend stay with us for a week so there has been little time for crafts.  But I promise... promise.. pictures are coming.  For me they are a source of inspiration and so I hope to spread a little around.  Techniques and ideas are always welcome!  I did get a nifty idea for making a tablecloth out of brightly colored bandanas!  have I done it yet? no.  Alas, being young and a nearly done grad student = no money and little spare time for me.  but pictures.. pictures are quick lol... surely I can get some of those up.  hope all is fairing well in your individual worlds of crafty creations!

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bobbylevi1:48pm: Some inspiration for us all
Two weeks ago I went to the Quilt group meeting and saw a presentation about this project. Their work is truly inspiring. I urge you to look at their gallery and especially the item "Dune Runner Video" That is amazing.

23rd July 2007

wildwoodflwr8:42am: tatted applique
i've had a great idea!  i'm sure it's a not so original idea, but i just thought of it which makes it original to me. :-P  i've been working on a needle tatted flower design which makes the end product look a bit like morning glories.  so my thought is to make some in several different colors (already have various shades of blue picked out) and attach them to a canvas bag.  brilliant!  as for attaching, i think i'll take a small bit of thread and make a small tack stitch using the picots of the flowers... but i wonder if i should starch them first.... hmmm

i'll post pictures soon of my assorted "active" projects.  active meaning i've worked on it in the past two weeks lol. 
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20th July 2007

wildwoodflwr1:42pm: hello!
hello! just joined the community because i love a variety of crafts!  i'm a 24 year old grad student, but nearly all of my spare time (and a lot of not so spare time) is taken up with making something.  Crafts that I consider myself intermediate to advanced in are: cross-stitching, needle tatting, origami, and quilting.  All the quilting I do is by hand as taught by my mom and her mom before her and so on.  *shrug* just the way i like to do it.  I also dabble in (but not as successfully): crochet, knitting, macrame, juggling (not a craft but loads of fun!), general sewing, jewelry making.  

current projects include (this could get lenghty, so i'll keep it brief): a bow-tie quilt, various crochet boggins for winter, tatted snowflakes for christmas cards (one tatted snowflake takes about fifteen to twenty minutes to make), assorted macrame necklaces and bracelets (just for the heck of it), a skirt made of men's neckties, a keyboard-- a painted board with keys glued to it... get it? keyboard. ha.  and assorted cross-stitch patterns (currently a triptych of lillies).  

i look forward to being a part of this community!
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25th May 2007

rachaeldoss9:13am: Searching for directions:
Hello!  I am new here because I dabble in many crafts, but am fairly accomplished at them all:  Sewing, cross-stitch, cake decorating, paper crafts, soaps, painting, etc.  I lately have been interested in doing some reverse applique, but have so far only been able find very verbose written directions.  I was hoping someone here might know a great tutorial with photos somewhere?

I appreciate any help you can give me and look forward to reading about all your wonderful handicrafts!

23rd May 2007

bobbylevi6:13pm: Today I tagged all the past entries, and there is now a list of tags to choose from when you are posting here. I don't think the list is complete, so give me a yell if you want anything added to it.

29th March 2007

bobbylevi7:01pm: What I've been up to...
This last year I made a quilt panel, actually I made two, but I'll show them one at a time.

Current Mood: creative

6th March 2007

purejuice8:19pm: Painting Mother-of-Pearl Buttons
I'd like to paint designs on mother-of-pearl buttons a la fancy Paris button store.

The paints themselves need to be very malleable, and thinnable, due to the miniature problem, and waterproof. Since buttons go on clothes which will be either dry cleaned or washed.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.

25th February 2007

mandypaw10:57am: New Member
Hi everyone,

I just wanted to introduce myself since I just joined this community.  I love learning new techniques, so I hope I can learn a lot from everyone.  I know quite a bit already, but there's always room to grow.

I am an art teacher in Nain, NL, Canada, so I would love to pass on anything I learn to my students.

6th March 2006

chick4everurs5:50pm: chrome
i need information on how to strip chrome from a sword (ahhh random art)

any ideas

i know the industrial version is to use HCl...is that what i should do? where (in NYC to be exact) does one look for HCl? i know i sound stupid...most of my art is not working with metal

and if this is the wrong place to ask could anyone tell me where i should ask? thankyou!

2nd March 2006

caturah1:49pm: Fan making
Hello everyone!

I was wondering if anyone knew of any books or online tutorials for fan making? Ideally the one's I'd like to make are combinations of wood frame and fabric, not just paper craft, but I can't find anything out there. But even some advise on fine wood craft would help.

Thanks for your help.

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21st November 2005

bobbylevi7:36pm: Dolls
There is now a website for the doll project... here. Some photos of the dolls, and their creators... including yours truly. More photos will be added later.

8th August 2005

bobbylevi5:03pm: New layout
I just changed the community layout. What do you think? Any comments welcome.
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26th April 2005

sexymanswife2:22am: Help with lace insertion. Please?
Hi, I'm having a difficult time finding instructions for lace insertion. I am sewing it (by machine) onto batiste. The lace, also, is batiste. I don't know where else to ask, so I'm asking here:

Does anyone know how to explain this to me?

I tried sewing it on, right side to inside of dress. Stitched close to the edge design on lace. Cut fabric that was in front of lace--cut it as close as possible to the sewing/stitching. Did the same in the back. This didn't work, because the fabric pulls out of the stitches. I want it to look nice; it's for a flowergirl dress.

Thank you so much! And I'm sorry if I'm asking in the wrong place.

11th April 2005

bobbylevi10:04am: Anniversary, lace and dolls
It's one year today since I started this community. I don't know where the year went, I suppose I've been busy crafting. How about you?

Saturday before last I went to a local Lace Fair, it was great to be thinking about one of my side-lined crafts again. I mostly went there to pick up some beading supplies, but I got talking to the group that ran it, and I'm going to go to their regular meetings and try to revive my lacemaking. I am also in search of a tambour hook; to try some new techniques. I had no success at the Lace Fair, but did find out where to get one.

The past two Sundays have been spent at the dollmaking workshops, and they have planned 4 more of them in the next month. My doll is progressing nicely, I will take some photos of her and post them here. Yesterday's tutor was fascinating, her name is Sandra Scott, and she uses many techniques in her dolls. She does much more the style of work that attracts me. She introduced us to making heads with paperclay, which might just have to be on my shopping list sometime soon.

I have enjoyed making my modified Rosie Francis doll, and I will use that system again, but I have other ideas for dolls that won't work that way. Sandra makes some of her dolls by starting with the wire 'skeleton' and building it up from there. I am keen to try that method for some of my ideas.

Happy crafting, Mastercrafters!! :-)
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7th March 2005

bobbylevi12:06pm: Doll making
I went to another doll making workshop yesterday, it was less chaotic than last week. Despite that
I didn't do anything to my doll yesterday, I was hoping to get some more of the skin colour fabric. However there was none to be had, so thinking about the theme of this project, which is about living peacefully together... I decided that my doll would be multiracial, and I will give all her body parts different skin colours. I may also start another doll too... a simpler one, with design ideas from my head, not directed by the visiting artist.
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2nd March 2005

bobbylevi2:06pm: Success finally!!
Jude's knitted jacket is finished, and all parcelled up ready to go. I was really pleased with the finished item, and I'm also pleased it's not demanding my time and energy anymore. I learned some good tricks while doing it... things that make the process more manageable within my physical limitations. Crochetting the seams together with slip stitch seems to have worked fine, only time will tell how durable it is.

So I feel quite pleased with myself right now.
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28th February 2005

bobbylevi12:43pm: Fabric Doll making
Yesterday I went to a doll making workshop led by Rosie Francis. It was great... the doll I'm making... *cough, cough*... trying to make is called Cornelia. When she is in any fit state to be seen, I will post photos. So far she is just a head and some assorted pattern pieces... and of course lots of ideas *clears throat* for how she will look in the end. I do have some ideas for making other art dolls, and hopefully in the process of making this one, I will gain the skills I need for the others.
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bobbylevi12:35pm: Knock, knock!!
1-2-3..... Testing... Tap, tap.... Is this thing on... *insert feedback noise*.

Can you hear me yet?

The community info page tells me there are 18 of us, so why are we being so quiet? I am aware that I don't know anything about some of you, others I know from different parts of LJ.

How about I make up a short survey, so we can all get to know each other better? If you think that's a good idea, please comment... I don't particularly want to write a survey, if no-one is going answer it. If you have any ideas for questions to be included in the survey, feel free to let me have them.

OK... it's over to you... and this is your friendly neighbourhood moderator signing out... over and out!!
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