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hello! just joined the community because i love a variety of crafts!  i'm a 24 year old grad student, but nearly all of my spare time (and a lot of not so spare time) is taken up with making something.  Crafts that I consider myself intermediate to advanced in are: cross-stitching, needle tatting, origami, and quilting.  All the quilting I do is by hand as taught by my mom and her mom before her and so on.  *shrug* just the way i like to do it.  I also dabble in (but not as successfully): crochet, knitting, macrame, juggling (not a craft but loads of fun!), general sewing, jewelry making.  

current projects include (this could get lenghty, so i'll keep it brief): a bow-tie quilt, various crochet boggins for winter, tatted snowflakes for christmas cards (one tatted snowflake takes about fifteen to twenty minutes to make), assorted macrame necklaces and bracelets (just for the heck of it), a skirt made of men's neckties, a keyboard-- a painted board with keys glued to it... get it? keyboard. ha.  and assorted cross-stitch patterns (currently a triptych of lillies).  

i look forward to being a part of this community!
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