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I've been busy doing a few things here and there. I have oodles of pictures so I'll stick them behind a cut. Enjoy!

First--a really wretched picture of a tatted snowflake medallion. I starch these and hang them all over the christmas tree with dehydrated oranges. Looks Beautiful!

Next: my very first embroidery attempt. Pillowcases! yay!

After that comes....something I tossed together for utily purposes. I need one of those wrist needle holder things. So I made one out of a pop bottle lid, ribbon, fabric, stuffing, and hot glue! Dont' forget the pins.

Then I had a little foray into jewelry making.

Nearing the end, I promise.

Next, I decided to learn a bit about zippers and linings. So I attempted a little pouch for my purse. Made with vintage fabric on the outside.

And finally, more embroidery. I made a set of four napkins with this little embellishment. I decided the buttons were way cuter than any other type of stitch I could do.

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