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Question: Xyron Sticker Machines

Has any one here ever used any of the Xyron sticker machines? I’m thinking about purchasing one for scrapbooking and gifts, and was wondering what the finished product looks like. I did read up on them at, but it doesn’t give a lot of information about it.

A few things I was wondering…

+ Do the stickers come out with a peel-able backing, so that you can store them, or package them up as a gift? I don’t really want a final product that comes out with the sticky side exposed, so that I am forced to use it right then.

+ Do you just feed in a piece of paper with your design on it, and then it applies the adhesive to the back? Can you use any kind of paper, vellum, or cardstock? I have some really nice laid paper that would be really unique as a sticky tag, but didn’t know if you could put adhesive on it.

Thanks in advance!
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