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Anniversary, lace and dolls

It's one year today since I started this community. I don't know where the year went, I suppose I've been busy crafting. How about you?

Saturday before last I went to a local Lace Fair, it was great to be thinking about one of my side-lined crafts again. I mostly went there to pick up some beading supplies, but I got talking to the group that ran it, and I'm going to go to their regular meetings and try to revive my lacemaking. I am also in search of a tambour hook; to try some new techniques. I had no success at the Lace Fair, but did find out where to get one.

The past two Sundays have been spent at the dollmaking workshops, and they have planned 4 more of them in the next month. My doll is progressing nicely, I will take some photos of her and post them here. Yesterday's tutor was fascinating, her name is Sandra Scott, and she uses many techniques in her dolls. She does much more the style of work that attracts me. She introduced us to making heads with paperclay, which might just have to be on my shopping list sometime soon.

I have enjoyed making my modified Rosie Francis doll, and I will use that system again, but I have other ideas for dolls that won't work that way. Sandra makes some of her dolls by starting with the wire 'skeleton' and building it up from there. I am keen to try that method for some of my ideas.

Happy crafting, Mastercrafters!! :-)
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