Franne (chick4everurs) wrote in mastercrafters,


i need information on how to strip chrome from a sword (ahhh random art)

any ideas

i know the industrial version is to use that what i should do? where (in NYC to be exact) does one look for HCl? i know i sound stupid...most of my art is not working with metal

and if this is the wrong place to ask could anyone tell me where i should ask? thankyou!
Tags: metalwork
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That sounds chemically sound, but not an easy thing to work with. concentrated HCl gives of choking fumes... and I'm not sure diluted HCl would be very effective. If you're game then it can sometimes be bought in hardware stores... they use it to clean bricks. Sometimes called muriatic acid or spirits of salts.

Have you tried abrasives? Why doe sthe chrome have to come off... what about masking it with paint etc.
abrasives actually sounds along the right track...its because the chrome makes it slide too easily on my head (im a belly dancer) and so i want to rub it off on the spot where my head goes...but 'sanding it down' is actually more of what i might be thinking of....any ideas?
The only thing I can think of is emery paper, but a good hardware store will be able to advise you there. Good luck with it!!