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Knitting fun

I've been knitting for something like 55 years, and in that time have learned and used 2 or maybe 3 different cast-ons. So recently while reading a US pattern, I discovered there were another two... Yes, I know how did I live for all these years without that knowedge... So inspired by this new information, I went to google and found many more. I am in the process of learning and exploring some of them, I found one I like a lot and one that has some value, but didn't thrill me.

Which cast-on methods do you use?... and what are their advantages and disadvantages?

I encourage you to google and find some new ones... I'm having a lot of fun with them already... just looks weird sitting in front of the computer knitting... :)

Question: Xyron Sticker Machines

Has any one here ever used any of the Xyron sticker machines? I’m thinking about purchasing one for scrapbooking and gifts, and was wondering what the finished product looks like. I did read up on them at, but it doesn’t give a lot of information about it.

A few things I was wondering…

+ Do the stickers come out with a peel-able backing, so that you can store them, or package them up as a gift? I don’t really want a final product that comes out with the sticky side exposed, so that I am forced to use it right then.

+ Do you just feed in a piece of paper with your design on it, and then it applies the adhesive to the back? Can you use any kind of paper, vellum, or cardstock? I have some really nice laid paper that would be really unique as a sticky tag, but didn’t know if you could put adhesive on it.

Thanks in advance!

crafters unite!

no real reason for the title, just needed something catchy ;)  I've been away at a few weddings and we're having a friend stay with us for a week so there has been little time for crafts.  But I promise... promise.. pictures are coming.  For me they are a source of inspiration and so I hope to spread a little around.  Techniques and ideas are always welcome!  I did get a nifty idea for making a tablecloth out of brightly colored bandanas!  have I done it yet? no.  Alas, being young and a nearly done grad student = no money and little spare time for me.  but pictures.. pictures are quick lol... surely I can get some of those up.  hope all is fairing well in your individual worlds of crafty creations!

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tatted applique

i've had a great idea!  i'm sure it's a not so original idea, but i just thought of it which makes it original to me. :-P  i've been working on a needle tatted flower design which makes the end product look a bit like morning glories.  so my thought is to make some in several different colors (already have various shades of blue picked out) and attach them to a canvas bag.  brilliant!  as for attaching, i think i'll take a small bit of thread and make a small tack stitch using the picots of the flowers... but i wonder if i should starch them first.... hmmm

i'll post pictures soon of my assorted "active" projects.  active meaning i've worked on it in the past two weeks lol. 
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hello! just joined the community because i love a variety of crafts!  i'm a 24 year old grad student, but nearly all of my spare time (and a lot of not so spare time) is taken up with making something.  Crafts that I consider myself intermediate to advanced in are: cross-stitching, needle tatting, origami, and quilting.  All the quilting I do is by hand as taught by my mom and her mom before her and so on.  *shrug* just the way i like to do it.  I also dabble in (but not as successfully): crochet, knitting, macrame, juggling (not a craft but loads of fun!), general sewing, jewelry making.  

current projects include (this could get lenghty, so i'll keep it brief): a bow-tie quilt, various crochet boggins for winter, tatted snowflakes for christmas cards (one tatted snowflake takes about fifteen to twenty minutes to make), assorted macrame necklaces and bracelets (just for the heck of it), a skirt made of men's neckties, a keyboard-- a painted board with keys glued to it... get it? keyboard. ha.  and assorted cross-stitch patterns (currently a triptych of lillies).  

i look forward to being a part of this community!
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bama fo shizzle

Searching for directions:

Hello!  I am new here because I dabble in many crafts, but am fairly accomplished at them all:  Sewing, cross-stitch, cake decorating, paper crafts, soaps, painting, etc.  I lately have been interested in doing some reverse applique, but have so far only been able find very verbose written directions.  I was hoping someone here might know a great tutorial with photos somewhere?

I appreciate any help you can give me and look forward to reading about all your wonderful handicrafts!